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I'm surprised Dalradian ( isn't down a lot more today...

...after its NR this morning. Maybe the market doesn't get how negative this ore sorting news is, what with the company dressing it up to make it look like a positive.

Tinka (TK.v) mailbag

IKN Nerve Centre has had three separate mailers asking about Tinka Resources (TK.v) this morning, with the new drill results assay and the price action on the menu. So to be lazy, here's the short note about TK that appeared in IKN435 yesterday evening:

Tinka Resources (TK.v): TK is still bouncing around in the 55c to 60c trading range, no real push in either direction. During the analysis of TK’s 2q17 financials in IKN432 dated August 27th  I wrote this section:

“…at the current burn rate TK is going to get low on treasury soon and as it has a clear pattern of not letting cash/working cap go below $2m, I think it’s a safe bet to say that we’re going to get a placement announcement from TK.v soon.

“The way TK has stuck around 60c has been indicative of the price the market is willing to pay for the next round of financing. I’d welcome a raise at current levels with open arms (and I’m aware that the company has had plenty of interest from brokerages about its next placement) and the company needs to be congratulated, but it also means that we shouldn’t expect too much in the way of share price upside until the process is complete.”

That fits with what we’ve seen since then. In other news, Congratulations to CEO Graham Carman for winning the 2017 Mining Journal “Explorer of the Year” award (12).

Finally, I hear that we can expect a NR on the latest drill assay results in the week ahead. Oh, nicely timed for Beaver Creek and Perumin! Who would have thought…

And yup, right on time, we had that drill assay number today. Pretty good too, it's just that the market is used to seeing good numbers from Ayawilca.

Sandstorm (SAND) ( Beaver Creek gossip

It didn't take long for the chatter to start at Beaver Creek. This desk understands that a chunk of Monday morning conference jungledrums concerns Sandstorm (SAND) (, which is looking to sell around 6% of its holding in Trek Mining (TREK.v) and get its position down to a more manageable 10% or so. SAND was first approached by a stink-bidder who got short shrift (sorry Marin, doesn't work like that) but is now in more serious conversations with a potential buyer. The question, as always, is the price.

Further to last week's HIVE post: Paging Peter Schweizer

We note that the new Frank Giustra pump job, HIVE Blockchain Technology (HIVE.v), is off and running and being pumped by just about anyone in the whole sordid game this morning. Frank's spread the love of those 1c and 3c pieces of paper far and wide, so right now you're getting Keith Neumeyer's poodle Daniel Ameduri pumping the thing, as well as Frank Holmes, NIA, of's the whole nine yards.

This is of course the company we featured in the post last week to illustrate just how the sharks rip off the retail saps. But IKN's interest goes way beyond the share price performance of HIVE.v this morning (up at 90c already, I see...that puts $3m minimum into Tommy H's back pocket) and to the seedier parts of Vancouver. Therefore IKN calls upon ace sleuth Peter Schweizer to do the following:
  • Go to Haywood
  • Visit the desk of the Medallion holder doing the HIVE/Leeta transfers.
  • Make absolutely sure that both counterparties signed the paperwork before it was rubber stamped.

You'd do the Canadian capital markets a great favour if you did. It would be great if you got there before the Canadian market authorities did, too...scoops and all that. Have a nice day.


The IKN Weekly, out now

As seen just outside Badajoz, Spain (close to border with Portugal). Chosen by reader M.

IKN435 has just been sent to subscribers. It has 14,319 words this week, which is about average. Words, charts and tables, also average.

Sunday morning: Current status...

...writing up IKN435.

Hi Daryl! Hi Chuck!

PS: Very happy with the new Asus laptop in its first few months. Fast, flexible, easy to use. Recommended.


The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "And Mining Journal 2017 Explorer of the Year is...". Well done Graham Carman of Tinka Resources.

Second Place: "Orla Mining (OLA.v) goes the deceitful route on drill NRs". The blog had a busy week hits-wise, with several posts that would normally win the hit count not making the top three. This one sneaked ahead, probably due to the follow-up post yesterday Friday that noted how OLA had been "asked" by IIROC to correct its BS.
First Place: "HIVE, the next pump (a.k.a. how tilted is the playing field)".Won by a mile. This thing is the next big Vancouver pump, it's going to be very noisy and as this post points out, the people in the centre of it are going to make a lot of money. By transferring your money into their pockets. It's capitalism, baby.


Another small victory: Orla Mining (OLA.v) forced to correct its BS news release

This is getting to be quite a habit. First Cardinal ( got its knuckles rapped for being BSsers, now this.

Here's IKN two days ago.

Here's Orla Mining's (OLA.v) "clarification" tonight.

Miners Fixated with Beaver

If I were you I wouldn't worry too much about the generally soft market for mining companies today, there will be a more bullish atmosphere next week as the Beaver Creek conference takes place and generates its usual annual noise. Meanwhile South America will add its own dosage of shiny happy people news via the region's biggest mining gig, the biannual Perumin which also kicks off on Monday.

The Friday OT: BT; Skylarking

A total obsession. I'm lost inside this track at the moment, when I'm listening to something else I'm thinking about it. Layered, complex, crafted, listen to it for the 51st time and you'll pick up something new. It's amazing.

I cannot stress too highly the need for good speakers, don't listen to this on the ones provided in your laptop. Don't buy cheap earphones with crap magnets and then wonder what I'm on about. Youtube here.

IKN is worried about Southwest Canada

It seems you need help around there. This in Jewish Press today:

When did all these mines get laid, my fine Canadian friends? Are they close to Vancouver, or in the forest regions of BC? Or maybe the Jewish Press doesn't have a clue on what it's talking about? You decide.

Hilariously, Bobby Genovese is still trying to promote Liberty Silver to the world

Here's a screenshot of the mailer promo being sent out to certain desks in Canada this week:

You'll notice there is no mention of the main man behind the deal, Liberty Silver is desperately trying to separate its image from the largest shareholder and real deal driver Bobby Genovese. That's because he's been charged by the US SEC in a U$17m stock dumping fraud. And yes the company used was by Bobby G was this one, Liberty Silver. And impressively, the circumstances were very similar back then, too.
  • Bobby G was largest shareholder.
  • He kept quiet and in the background.
  • He dumped $17m worth of stock without any disclosure.
  • Liberty Silver collapsed.

Now you have fun out there.