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A musical interlude

Sadly, it seems apt again. And it's a very good song. Plus it's Monday.

Youtube here.

The way biased media play with Y-axes on charts

On flicking through The Guardian UK this morning I came across yet another one of those "The Death Of Cash" articles, with its cause furthered by this scary looking chart in mid-article:

Wooo! Spooky, huh? Look at that peak! Look at it drop! It must signal the end of the world or someth.....oh wait, what's that Y-axis look like? Aha, so if we take the data displayed in that Guardian chart, open up trusty old Excel and put it into its true context...

...yup, it's media bullshit once again. In the name of the good and benign deities looking down upon us all, how I hate this BS trickery. And by the way, the chances of South America going cashless in the next 50 years or so are zero, but that's another story.


The IKN Weekly, out now

IKN457 has just been sent to subscribers. Everything inside it is happy, nothing inside it is sad.


The top three most visited IKN posts this week are... reverse order:

Third Place: "Presumably Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( will now drop its appeal against the licence denial at Escobal". How a company with assets this good can screw its own roost the way it has is testament indeed to the worst management team in mining.

Second Place: "Time to be a goldbug (from IKN456)". The longer op-eds (from the Weekly) tend to be popular-
First Place: "Spotted in Peru". Yeah, it made me laugh, too. And it's good to see the blog being taken in its true spirit, a throwaway stupid post of sheer frippery being the most popular of the week.


Angry Geologist does GT Gold (GTT.v)

Saddle up, pardners. Right here.

The Friday OT: BT and Jes; The light in things

A track that should come with a warning: "Under no circumstances listen to this song on headphones while riding a motorbike". Great for the gym, though.

Stupendous BT tracks are common, but this one comes with a true quality voice to match the beats and the result is a total trip. And nobody does a break like BT, a different class. And we get two in this one. Youtube here.

The current US Dollar / US broad market correlation

Gary Tanashian makes the point succinctly and perfectly in this post, right here. Just eleven words and two visuals, that's my kind of analysis.

Tahoe Resources (TAHO) ( Another example of the wonderful community relations atmosphere in Guatemala

Yesterday Thursday morning, the VP Ops at Escobal, David Howe, and the community relations chief at the mine, Camila Medina, went on a visit to local coffee farmers as part of the company's community outreach program. On the way back from the coffee growers at around 3pm their convoy was blocked by locals, who then punctured the tires of the car in which they were travelling. Now stuck and surrounded by an angry mob, the mob then told them they would set fire to the car if they didn't promise to close down the mine permanently and leave the area for good.

Luckily, after a couple of emergency calls and three hours, local authorities intervened, calming the crowd who then dispersed and there were no injuries reported. Spanish language report on the incident here.

Lithium X (LIX.v) insider sales

Strange to see company insiders exercising options and selling them straight into the market at $2.42 and $2.48 when in just a few days' time a group of very trustworthy Chinese businessmen have promised to pay more than that.

Why, it's almost as if.....nah, surely not!

IKN thanks reader "E" for the heads up.


Yamana Gold's (AUY) ( successful year

In 2017, Yamana Gold ( (AUY) lost $204.1m in operations, its assets dropped by $38.4m and liabilities rose by $94.3m.

Your quiz question for today is: Form a complete sentence which uses the words "Brewery", "Organize" "Couldn't" and "Piss-up" (feel free to add prepositions, pronouns and indefinite articles to taste).

I'm really looking forward to finding out how much Marrone paid himself in performance bonuses for this "success". Heaven help this company if it ever has a bad year.

Sandstorm files its 2017 year end financials

And here's one of the charts derived:

Working cap jumps U$12.8m in Q4. This is now a cash cow.

It's now official: Allan Barry Laboucan is a fucking moron

Either that or he's been overdoing it on the lunchtime margaritas again. No wait, those aren't mutually exclusive, a fucking moron can be drunk or sober and it doesn't change the underlying state of moronity. Anyway I digress, here's the latest from the blowhard gumflapper:

I don't know which is more moronic in fact; That he thinks I own shares in his scam stock Alset (ION.v) or he thinks I have friends. Either way, you have to wonder just why a board of directors would be happy to have a moron as CEO.